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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Marathon Allround

A Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

Marathon Allround is a versatile, cost effective, slow release lawn fertiliser. It can also be used on other grass areas such as ornamental landscapes and sports pitches. It provides a reliable growth response with good colour and is effective for up to 3 months after application.

Marathon Allround can be applied from April through to October to give the turf a healthy green, professionally maintained appearance. Apply Marathon Allround in the spring to ensure steady growth through the summer months.

Why use Marathon Allround?

When selecting a lawn fertilizer there are criteria, other than price per bag, that are worthy of consideration. Maintenance that is cheaper and easier are important factors, as is sustainability, turf quality and colour.

The patented Marathon complex makes use of carefully selected organic matter that binds with mineral nutrients to give the product longevity and the ability to stimulate bacterial soil life. Marathon contains nutrients similar to those found in conventional fertiliser but because they are bound to organic matter they are not readily leached and remain available over a much longer period, to provide a steady supply of food to the plant.

The results are impressive; a vibrant green colour, a dense sward, hard turf, balanced growth but without soft flushes, no scorching, no leaching and grass that is easy to cut - even in the rain.

The unique formulation actively stimulates the digestion of organic matter by naturally occurring bacteria - helping to establish a healthy soil by recycling nutrients and making the most of the natural resources in the earth below.

  • Versatile "all-rounder" providing cost-effective nutrition
  • Ideal fertiliser for lawns 
  • Organo-mineral fertiliser
  • Lasts for up to 3 months
  • Ideally applied between April and October
  • Gives rapid green-up from iron and from improved nutrition
  • Consistent results every time
  • Great value for money in the slow release market

Pack: 20kg
Pack covers: 571 - 1000m2
Application rate: 20 - 35g/m2
Composition: 12.4.6 + 0.6 MgO + 0.5 Fe


Apply the granules at a rate of between 20 - 35g/m2, by hand or with a suitable granule fertiliser spreader. For best results, ensure the equipment is properly calibrated before use.

What Our Customers Say

Marathon Allround is easy to spread, excellent results in a short period of time. Lawn is now a lush green colour and the thickness is amazing, it's like walking on a carpet !

K Hanchett

Last year on your advice I applied Marathon Allround lawn fertiliser, and the results were spectacular. Fantastic!.

I think Marathon Allround is excellent, the grass simply grew quickly to a lush thick green lawn, without the usual agonies of brown patches through over application.
Once the lawn was established I could then kill the few weeds with spot weed killer. Fantastic. Thanks a lot. I cant wait to see my lawn this year after its second application of Marathon Allround. 
Mr D Bush, Teignmouth

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