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25-5-8 20kg
A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Evolution5 Fine Granule 25.5.8

A slow release lawn fertiliser for spring & summer lawn care

Evolution5 25.5.8 is a coated, controlled release spring and summer lawn fertiliser.

It contains a mixture of rapid action NPK granules to give a quick response immediately after application, blended with Polymer Sulphur Coated Urea granules that provide a smooth and steady growth pattern for up to 5 months.

Evolution5 25.5.8 keeps the grass growing, without the need for too much mowing.

  • Ideal for use during the start of the growing season for spring & summer lawn care.
  • Coated urea technology gives 4 - 5 month longevity
  • Nitrogen ensures a strong, dense growth of sward
  • Magnesium content improves turf colour 
  • Precise release mechanism ensures peace of mind


    When to use


    Apply from March onwards when the soil begins to warm up. Applications made too late in the summer may result in soft growth in the autumn, so we recommend applications be made no later than mid August.

    Unique coating technology

    The dual coated Polymer Sulphur core controls the release of nutrients in response to moisture and temperature so that the turf is always supplied with the right amount of nourishment when conditions are favourable for growth.

Evolution5 25.5.8 lawn fertiliser with unique coating technology

This unique coating technology ensures steady nutrient release, thus avoiding sudden growth flushes after heavy rainfall or peaks of high temperature.

More granules per square metre

The small granule size gives over 7,500 granules for every square metre to ensure even coverage and growth.

Pack: 20kg

Pack covers: 444 - 800m2

Application rate: 25 - 45 g/m2

Composition: 25.5.8 + 2 MgO

Usage period: March - August

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