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25-5-8 20kg
A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Earthway 2050 SU

The 2050SU Deluxe Broadcast spreader is perfectly sized for use on medium to large lawns. The rust proof 35kg capacity hopper and 10” deep lug wheels brings capacity and ease of use to the homeowner. This fully assembled spreader with folding handle will be ready to go from box to lawn in seconds and stores easily.

The easy use gauge and lever assembly allows the user complete control over the application of material, coupled with our exclusive EV-N-SPRED
®3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System, the 2050SU gives the homeowner professional results. To make establishing the correct setting rate for any product easy, we include a rate calculation Matrix for use with all of today’s granular products including organic materials, to give you the best setting available. The 2050SU is the choice of the homeowner looking for performance and results on a budget.

Spreader + Fertiliser Special offer - 100m2 Lawn 
Earthway 2050SU Spreader
+ Marathon Spring/Summer 16-4-8 Fertiliser 3.5kg
Marathon Sport fertiliser 3.5kg  covers up to 100m2 and lasts up to 3 months

Spreader + Fertiliser special offer - 200m2 Lawn 
Earthway 2050SU Spreader
+ Marathon Spring/Summer 16-4-8 Fertiliser 7kg 
Marathon Sport fertiliser 7kg  covers up to 200m2 and lasts up to 3 months

For more information on the Marathon Sport fertiliser click here

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