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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Spring Lawn Fertiliser

We understand that choosing the right lawn fertiliser can be a daunting task. Applying the correct spring fertiliser provides the lawn with the correct amount of nutrition required for increased growth and enabling the grass to become a healthy, lush dark green colour.
Scarification and aeration are just as important as fertiliser input, see our spring lawn care guide for more information.
Please contact our technical sales team on 01638 724187 for more in depth advice.
Our top granular lawn fertiliser choices for spring:
An extended release lawn fertiliser containing sulphur, iron and a range of trace elements. It will provide the correct balance of nutrients for 8 to 12 weeks after application. Contains both mineral and organic elements.
A versatile, long release lawn fertiliser. Marathon Allround provides a reliable growth response with good colour for up to 3 months. Marathon Allround can be applied from April through to October to give the turf a healthy green, professionally maintained appearance. Ideally apply Marathon Allround in the spring to ensure steady growth through the summer months.
An extended release, coated lawn fertiliser, ideal for use in spring and summer. This high quality lawn fertiliser provides steady growth for up to 5 months.
Conventional releaser fertiliser whose granules break down quickly to give a rapid uptake of nutrients, ensuring a fast response in the spring.
Evolution Organic is an organic lawn fertiliser, based on poultry manure that can be used as an alternative to inorganic fertilisers where a low, steady nitrogen input is required, the product is especially useful in poor soils. It will condition and improve soil structures by increasing the moisture holding and nutrient retention capacity. The product is effective for effective for 3 to 4 months.


Our top liquid lawn fertiliser choices for spring:

Will supplement soils that are deficient in phosphate and encourage root development, whilst providing steady growth and drought resistance of the sward. Use between March and November.
A slow release, phosphate-free NK fertiliser that provides for both short and long term feeding response. The potassium content will strengthen walls, making grass more resilient to drought, stress and disease.
Contains iron for rapid green-up and nitrate nitrogen for a quick growth response. An ideal fertiliser to boost nitrogen input for growth and recovery. Use between March and November.