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25-5-8 20kg
A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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About Us

Sherriff Grass Care is an online retail division of Agrovista Amenity.
Agrovsita Amenity is a wholly owned division of Agrovista, the premier supplier of agronomy advice and crop protection products to the UK arable, amenity, vegetable, and protected crop markets. The business is part of the global Marubeni Corporation.
Marubeni was originally founded in Isaka in 1858 when Chuei Itoh, a textile merchant, started trading materials. The business grew, and its activities expanded through a process of acquisition and consolidation. It now has 119 offices in 69 countries and the Marubeni Group employs over 29,000 people across the world. It has an annual turnover of US$ 80 billion and is ranked 211th in the Fortune Global 500.
Agrovista UK Limited was formed on 1st January 2001 following the merger of Profarma Ltd and the Crop Care Group of companies, to provide specialist agronomy and crop protection products to British agriculture and horticulture.
Agrovista’s roots were firmly established over 60 years ago, yet the company still maintains its traditional values of professionalism, technology, innovation and service.
Agrovista Amenity
Over the last decade Agrovista Amenity (formerly Sherriff Amenity) has established a pedigree as a premier supplier to the amenity market in the UK. The company prides itself in having specialists in all the key amenity areas, from fine turf, industrial sites, local authority and government contracts, roads, forestry, stadia and specialist recreational areas. The national coverage of specialists gives clients a complete technical and supply package for all their enterprise requirements.  
Our industry leading trials programmes along with new product launches and innovations ensures that the quality of advice and product choice we provide to our customers is unrivalled.
Through Sherriff Amenity, many new technologies have been brought to the market and with its technical development strategy and technical approach to advice, clients have been able to benefit, reducing costs and increasing efficacy of key treatments and improving the quality and look of fine turf, and providing rigorous weed control.
The ethos behind Agrovsita Amenity is to provide our customers with unrivalled value and innovative products and solutions, both now and in the future. This commitment is focused on customer service, research driven advice and technical innovation. It relies strongly on the dedication, expertise and professionalism of all employees as well as the company’s many global and local suppliers. It also embraces care for the wider countryside with an understanding of the important environmental impact of our industry.
The company is involved with complex and high-quality trials programmes with leading industry partners to provide clients with the latest research on new and emerging technologies, and re-evaluating some of the cost effective, older chemistry.
Our People
All components of Agrovista UK and Sherriff Amenity have a common thread which binds the segments together in one cohesive unit - and that is our people.Our staff are dedicated to their customers and business associates, and strive to maintain the ethos of professionalism and quality, delivering the highest standards of service and customer care.
Products and services
Working closely in partnership with our many local, national and international suppliers we are able to offer a comprehensive product range.  We proactively manage our portfolio in several ways and we continually work with manufacturers to develop new products to meet new and emerging customer requirements.