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Reguflow Perforated Irrigation Hose

Cricket Pitch, Garden & Lawn Irrigation System

Reguflow is a simple lightweight, perforated layflat irrigation hose that works under a low operating pressure from a water main or low pressure pumped system.

Reguflow is very easy to set up and use, giving the equivalent of 4mm rain per hour.


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for use as a garden and lawn irrigation system
  • Perfect for use on a cricket square
  • Cost effective irrigationsystem
  • Works under low water pressure
  • Minimises run off
  • Maximises ground sturation
  • Uniform irrigation


Reguflow eliminates the need for expensive irrigation systems, yet it provides a fine, uniform irrigation pattern. We supply the product in 30 and 100 metre lengths, however you can cut either of these sizes to fit your own requirements.

The manufacturing process utilises laser technology to produce very small, accurately sized perforations that are evenly spread along the length of hose.

When the water is turned on the hose will slowly inflate and an even water pressure will exist through the entire length being used. The emerging jets of water have the same velocity at any part of the hose, which gives uniform watering throughout.


It is important to turn the water supply on slowly so as not to produce a "surge pressure" as the hose inflates.

Insulation tape can be wrapped around the neck on the geka coupling before it is inserted into the hose - this will improve the grip of the jubilee clip, ensuring a water tight seal.

Technical specifications

Length: 30 & 100 metres
Tube width (flat): 50mm
Tube diameter (when inflated): 20mm
Hose Connection: Geka fittings
Water application rate: Equivalent to 4mm of rain per hour.

Available as a single roll or complete with geka fittings and jubilee clips for attaching to a half inch hose.

What Our Customers Say

I asked online for the best way to water a cricket square as our flat hose was old and suffered a great loss in pressure along its length so much so so that the far crease never received any water unless we turned the hose around.
Several people put me onto your website describing your hose as the best thing ever for square hydration. I watched the video on your site and was duly impressed.
The club agreed to my purchase and it could not have been any easier to order, pay for and receive your hose. It arrived within two days was assembled in another and we could not have been any happier with the result. It did everything you said and the result was one completely wet pitch ready for rolling in a few hours.
It is not often that the advertising and the end result are in such accord so I would like to thank you on behalf of Sandiacre Town CC for your efficiency and more importantly your product.
Mr S Hart - Sandiacre Town CC

Excellent even spray along entire length of hose, spray pattern covers 75% of cricket wicket.  Product satisfaction score 9/10
Mr R Dick - Minster Lovell CC

What a bit of kit, all local cricket clubs should have one ….The uniformity of water movement and constant pressure from the start of the tape to the end is outstanding and makes watering the square/tracks so much easier.
Leicester Ivanhoe

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