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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Greentec Mosskiller Pro

A Moss Killer & Lawn Feed

Headland Greentec Mosskiller Pro is a conventional release, mini granular fertiliser and approved moss killer for the rapid control of moss in lawns and turf.

In addition to its moss control qualities, Greentec Mosskiller's 4.0.4 + 9Fe analysis makes it ideal for use as a spring starter fertiliser or a low temperature hardener on all areas of amenity turf where prolonged colour, but not growth is required.
  • Approved moss killer for the rapid control of moss in turf
  • Conventional release, mini granular fertiliser
  • Low nitrogen content for use in cool conditions
  • Potassium and iron aid turf hardening and disease resistance
  • Fine granule for uniform coverage and consistent response
  • Ideal for use as a lawn moss killer

Application Guidelines

Apply after mowing to allow maximum time to treat the moss before re-cutting. Water-in if applied during hot periods. Avoid applying during rainfall or frost. Remove from hard surfaces immediately to avoid staining.

Application rates

Light - 30gms per m2

Medium - 35gms per m2

Heavy - 40gms per m2 (Moss killer Rate) 

Pack size:

Analysis: 4.0.4 + 9Fe

Longevity: 4 - 6 weeks

Pack covers: 625-833 square metres

Period of use: September to April

Greentec Mosskiller Pro 4-0-4+9Fe is suitable for application to golf and bowling greens, tees, approaches, surrounds, cricket outfields, winter season pitches and general amenity turf.

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely

Safe use of Professional Products
Please note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end user to ensure that any pesticide product for professional use is used in line with the Approved Code of Practice. All operators must be trained and certified in its use. Always read the label and product information before use. Use pesticides safely.
As from 26th November 2015 it is an offence for anyone to purchase pesticides authorised for professional use unless they have ensured that the intended end user holds the relevant specified certificate(s).
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