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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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E² Pro Liquid 17.0.0

E2 Pro liquid fertilisers are designed for rapid mixing, compatibility with other components in the spray tank and to facilitate the efficient uptake of nutrients into the leaf.

Carefully chosen surfactants reduce the surface tension of the spray droplets, allowing for optimised spread and contact with the leaf surface whilst at the same time giving a degree of rainfastness. The spreading action of the surfactants allows uptake through the cuticle of the leaf and is not limited to penetration through the stomata.

The E2 Pro range of liquid fertilisers can be tank-mixed with one another and with certain other liquid supplements to provide a tailor-made liquid feed programme to suit all types of turf areas.

E² Hi N contains iron for rapid green-up and nitrate nitrogen for a quick growth response.

An ideal fertiliser to boost nitrogen input for growth and recovery.

Main usage period: March - November

Pack: 10 litre

Typical application rate: 60 L/ha (6ml/m2)

Pack coverage at typical application rate: 1,666m2

Application rate range: 10-120 L/ha (1-12ml/m2)

Water rate: 340 - 600 L/ha (34-60ml/m2)

Analysis: 17.0.0 + 2Fe

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